Agency Websites

Check out how agencies communicate their personalities (and their work) through their websites.

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2 Responses to Agency Websites

  1. Katie M. says:

    I thought it was fun to look at various agencies websites. You can see a lot of creativity and a wide range of clients. It also shows the varying personalities/images of agencies. Yes, they are all ad agencies but there are lots of approaches and executions, even in how they represent themselves. It just shows that there is more than one successful way to do things, which is promising for creativity and growth.

  2. nedmills says:

    I think that a agency’s website should convey in one layout who they are. If it is dull then what can one expect from their work? Sure a portfolio could be great but if the layout design is garbage then you lose that first impression. Much like in real life during a job interview, you want to present yourself first, your resume second. ‘ The website conveys who a agency is and therefore is one of the most important aspects in my mind.

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