The World’s Most Valuable and Fastest Growing Brands

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  1. Katie Doyle says:

    This list reminds me of the movie Idiocracy, starring Luke Wilson. The movie sucked, but they make fun of advertising. The tops brands of this fictional movie are displayed on anything and everything. Pajamas, tv screens, and buildings. Seeing these top brands makes me wonder if someday our world will look similar to that which the movie depicts.

  2. The article says Facebook is the fastest growing brand, which of course makes a lot of sense given modern society. Just makes me wonder how long it will take for it to get on the chart of top brands and how it will continue to expand in terms of features into the future. I mean, this blog site itself can be signed into via a Facebook account, which I assume most of us students are using to post entries (myself included). Seems like everything either does or is about to have its own Facebook page; seems as if social networking will be responsible for redefining the entire network experience not just now, but again and again throughout the rest of our lives.

  3. It’s very interesting to me to see the growth of the top 10 brands. Even more interesting to see something like Burberry growing at a faster rate than Apple or Wells Fargo. The most interesting part to me however though is the diversity of industries and sectors in the top 10. Moreover, if Facebook is really the worlds fastest growing brand, what might Facebook be like 5-10-15-20 years from now? Maybe it will grow into something bigger than before, or change over time to keep up with a changing market…no one really knows. Although, in my own opinion I believe, similar to Myspace, Facebook will be ousted as the king of the hill before you know it.

  4. Leah Kennedy says:

    I cannot say that the list of most valuable brands surprised me in any way, but I did have a thought about Apple. It is interesting to me that they are the most valuable company, more valuable than Microsoft, and that about half our class said they were brand loyal to Apple, but as we discussed in my computer science course, Macs still only account for about 10% of computer users. I think this just proves the novelty and value of the different products Apple offers because even though they may be in the minority in different technology categories they are still so valuable. I also think it is interesting that the majority of the valued brands are technology companies, with the addition of fast food, soda, and cigarettes. It is an interesting set of “values” for our country.

  5. David Lee says:

    What I think is interesting is that 4 of the top 5 most valuable brands are all computer computer based companies which includes three competing computer operating systems (Mac, PC, and Linux). This shows how big of a role technology really plays in our society and are now the most recognized part of our culture. What is also interesting is how both Apple and IBM have more brand value than Microsoft but Microsoft is still the most profitable company out of the three. What this proves to me is the power of advertising and that a strong advertising campaign can make a company more recognizable than its more dominant competitor.
    I also predict that Marlboro will fall off the top ten in the next 5 years or so because of the advertising limitations that we have set for tobacco companies.

  6. Chie Oda says:

    I agree with David’s idea that the power of advertising can make companies more recognizable. Even if a technology company which is local and not famous can make valuable thing as everyone knows ans sell it, that company cannot be paid attention to by people or chosen as a valuable company in a ranking.
    Also, I am surprised at this list because a lot of companies in the list are from U.S. although title is “the world’s most valuable and fastest growing brands.” Though recently China has been growing rapidly, companies from China is less valuable that McDonald’s…

  7. Evon Sahaleh says:

    When I saw this list it was no shock to me the leaders were apple and google, but IBM? That kind of surprised me as it is a brand that is not mentioned as much as the other ones on the list. I was also surprised microsoft was not higher up on the list.

  8. Kyle Ruble says:

    In this list Google has a position of number 2, the advertising revenue alone and the ability to control this search engine has giving them this position without even offering a physical product. This list would be great if it was contrasted to the last 20 years to see the huge transition of new media and the hold it has taken on advertising. The next item that I wonder about is how cigarette company Marlboro has taken that position with an increase of 18 percent. It upsets me greatly that this is on the rise and I wonder why this is even possible with these other contenders. Its amazing the demographic that cigarettes cover in its variety of consumers.

  9. Max Williams says:

    Apple’s work with their brand is really amazing. In the last year they’ve gone from very close to Microsoft to being the #1 brand. I think that Apple has really become the “cool” and “trendy” electronics company whereas Microsoft is now seen as the “boring” company. Apple’s advertising, such as their Mac vs. PC ads and their iPod/iPhone ads, really have a lot to do with that, and it may be something that Microsoft should try to emulate in order to play catch up.

  10. Layc Looney says:

    I found the list of the 13 fastest growing brands interesting. Having Hermes and Burberry in the mix was the most interesting to me. Around where we live you don’t see a lot of that happening. But consumers of these brands usually do stay brand loyal, and they are pretty dependable products. However, they are not as easy to get to as Facebook, Starbucks, and Wells Fargo. As stated in the article, branding is everything. Without a strong brand image the product is nothing. Being able to back up your product is also important and reduces risk of loosing business due to recalls or products not living up to expectations.

  11. Heidi Payghambari says:

    The revolutionary aspect about these companies is that they are integrated into so many countries world wide. I was interning for a medical equipment marketing company in Asia last summer, and I did not expect to see as many MAC computers as the I do in the US; however, the company had brand new computers and as I have heard recently plans to give ipads to its employees to make their business more efficient which is kind of questionable because database related business usually rely on windows. Connecting back to my initial point, I am very surprised Apple is at the top. I know it was a dominating company, but I did not expect it to be at the top.

  12. Scott Wooley says:

    I was most surprised at Marlboro being on the list. With all of the tobacco education out there these days, I am still baffled when I see a young person smoking cigarettes. They no longer are sold as “cool”, so how to people start smoking these days? Sorry if I offended anyone. If you smoke cigarettes, how did you start? Was it because of advertisements?

  13. some of the companies weren’t a shock at all, but agreeing with scott, Marlboro was a shock to me. see that there #1 spokesperson died from their products, you would think they would loose some credit.

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