More Target Women


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  1. Brin McAtee says:

    So chocolate=happiness and sometimes =sexy happiness? Or maybe chocolate turns women into animals hooked on cocoa beans? Somehow these ads make me think that only women like chocolate. I loved when she lost the pyramid game because orgasms and childhood memories couldn’t possibly be synonymous with joy.
    Ads like these must be pushing the audience (mainly ladies) to buy some happiness and fulfill that need to feel joy.

  2. Trevor Fox says:

    Brin, I agree. Where are all the men who love chocolate? I found this funny ad that changes the gender dynamic of the chocolate commercials in which the man choses chocolate over sex(which would never happen).

  3. Leah Kennedy says:

    Though it is not mentioned in this segment, I noticed the juxtaposition of young, attractive, thin females all indulging in a calorie dense food. All of these women could also be used in a commercial for athletic equipment or sportswear, also sending the message that chocolate is guilt free and filled with pleasure. Not that this is necessarily a bad message, but I found this interesting all the same.

    I also agree with the preceding comments about the lack of men in these ads, and I find it interesting that the advertisers almost seem to give chocolate the power a man would have in a relationship with a woman.

  4. Ellie Caldwell says:

    I nearly always find that ads targeting women are the only ones that I get irritated by and maybe offended by sometimes. She was really right about how the commercials show women, and it leaves me (and I’m sure a lot of other women) thinking something along the lines of “oh I didn’t know that I should feel guilty about something delicious, or that I feel inadequate because I’m home alone so I need to eat my feelings, thank you for informing me, stupid commercial.” I’m also a little irritated by how almost all of them justified eating chocolate by saying that it was only X number of calories or something; doing this isn’t about health, it’s just about weight and physical appearance.

    On a different note, I also realized how weirdly sexual a lot of them were. Lots of melting and tongues and mouths and creamy indulgence? That doesn’t really make me want to eat it more, it just makes me feel a little weird when I try to enjoy it.

  5. Katie Doyle says:

    First things first. This woman is hilarious! Love watching these Target Women clips.
    Back to the chocolate. I find it really creepy and have never understood why they make these ads about chocolate (and gum sometimes) so sexual. The women in these ads definitely look like they are enjoying their chocolate..a little too much. My question to whoever can answer it is, Why is that always the case? How does that hook someone into wanting the product. I find it really weird and it makes me think the opposite. but it must work.. so why?
    **A short story that i thought of relating to gum….
    When I was younger i remember seeing an ad for gum and the woman put the entire piece in her mouth but did it in a “sexy” way. I was probably like 6 when i saw this. I went to the cupboard, got my own piece and tried to do the same as the woman on tv. Its impossible to put an entire stick of gum in your mouth “sexy-ly” Anyway, soon after that, even tho i was very young, i called BS on a lot of commercials like that ever since. So, if a 6 year old can do that, why cant others? why are they still usung these methods for ads?

  6. Kyle Ruble says:

    I think this is an invented stereotype. I have never met a girl who craved chocolate with such a raving intensity. Ads like this portray a false sensation and although chocolate is in fact delicious, its not this delicious. What is intriguing is how companies market chocolate as a low fat option. Its such a cultural craving that its necessary to incorporate it in such small amounts. I think that this the only real effecting advertising though although producing over inflated sensations it is the only sensation chocolate has to offer and criticism cannot lead to a new method here.

  7. Max Williams says:

    I don’t think that this one is quite as bad as the jewelry one, but I also do find it odd that chocolate companies really don’t seem to target men. I’m a man and I freaking love chocolate, so why don’t they advertise to me at all? Some of the examples are a little bit sensational, but I personally don’t think that they are that bad in this case.

  8. Layc Looney says:

    I find it interesting how ads always make a connection between women and chocolate. I mean they make it seem like it is this crazy new experience that no one has encountered before until they try their new chocolate. The ads also make it seem like the women are doing something wrong by eating the chocolate, but it is soooooo delicious and worth a try. Eating chocolate shouldn’t be made to be something wrong, and by doing it women are taking a walk on the wild side. These ads are all annoying to me, but I do have to say they are comedic. I’ve never taken them too seriously.

  9. alexandra reyes says:

    This woman was spot on in this video. Everyone is right why are they targeting women. Not all women like or love chocolate. The women running ad was annoying, no one would run after chocolate. It should have been at least funny, but nope. I have never seen them targeting men. Maybe this is an add for men, so then they could buy it for women. However clearly they did their research and made these ads for some reason. These ads aren’t that bad, but I wonder if they worked. Sometimes I wish companies can say why they chose these ads. I don’t know how I would adverts for chocolate without it being terrible after a while.

  10. I made a comment on a video earlier about the question: Does media shape society or does society shape media? In this case, it seems like media shapes society. I believe this because chocolate commercials create the idea of lust and satisfaction in chocolate towards women that they begin to think of chocolate in that sense. I know I love chocolate, maybe not in a ravenous way, but nonetheless I love it. I feel like chocolate and women is similar to beer and men; It’s kind of like the sexes’ weaknesses.

  11. Katie M. says:

    In the Target Women when it was mentioned about the “whole world” turning into chocolate I have also seen poptart ads that turn the famalies houses into poptarts once it is done in the toaster. I find these kinds of food/candy commercials, that are obviously not reality, like the oreo one with all of the women chasing the truck down the street, funny and sometimes feel there is an undercurrent of the “women’s weakness = chocolate” sterotype is being made fun of in the ad.

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