200 Years of the Advertising Business in One Handy Infographic

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  1. Curious if these are correlated what so ever, but it’s interesting how the vast majority of mergers, firm creations, and general thickening of agency competition all occur since the technology boom around the 80s. Is the growth of world economy and increasing rate of consumerism driving the higher frequency of change, or are the modes of technology? I’m sure both are involved, but to what degree? Not expecting an answer, just food for thought.

  2. Max Williams says:

    I was mostly interested to see where all the advertising firms were located. Nice to see that there’s a 1000 person company in Portland, also a couple in Seattle too.
    For the bigger companies, are all of their offices located in the city that their headquarters are in, or do they operate offices around the US/World?

  3. Heidi Payghambari says:

    Examining the “bloodline,” my eyes fell on a picture of Santa with the caption saying “Pior to the 1800’s, christmas was a work and school day for Americans. The first Christmas ad appeared in the 1830’s changing the holiday forever.” It is common knowledge that Coca Cola began the modern jolly santa in a belly suit image. However, the Coca Cola advertisements kicked into gear in the 1930’s. Here is a link to what the company has to say about its influence on christmas http://www.thecoca-colacompany.com/heritage/cokelore_santa.html. PR at its finest.

  4. Kyle Ruble says:

    The lineage of these corporations in a visual format is so helpful when identifying the history of successful individuals easily. Most importantly is the companies that have existed for the entire duration of this history. When viewing this what seems such a transitional is the illustration used on earlier advertisement. These days things have taken a trend toward a media based and digital structure where elaborate illustration is now limited.

  5. Katie M. says:

    I thought it was interesting to look at the internet milestones. It shows a lot of rapid changes (no more than a 5 year gap) since the 1980s. I wonder, if this infographic were updated, what they would put in 2010/11 (if anything). It also makes me curious about what is to come and far as evolution of tools, how it will be advertised, and how it will effect the advertising industry.

  6. nedmills says:

    I tend to have the same questions as Bryce. In short, I believe that in terms of where we are now, technology is the main driver of the economy. In terms of growth from the 80’s I think that there was a dramatic shift in consumerism and therefore it carried a heavier weight. Nowadays I find that the demand for more innovative technology far outweighs the demand that consumers have for general items.

    I love how simple it is to see how a brand and concept were created. It shows it not only in a visual time line but it also allows us to see what influenced the product to the point where it is at today.

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